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Kindle NZ | Buying the Amazon Kindle in New Zealand

If you are considering buying an eBook reader and live in New Zealand, there are a few choices you can make.  Several brands of eBook readers are available on our shores, but after thorough research, I ended up buying an Amazon Kindle 3, and am very glad I did. Amazon has recently started to ship the Kindle to New Zealand.  The Kindle is Amazon’s bestselling e-book reader, as well as it's all-time best-selling product! After the decision to buy my Kindle was made, my next step was to research my options. I found that the only "official" way to buy one is from Amazon USA, who promise delivery to New Zealand in under a week (provided they have it in stock). I did find one or two Aussie stockists, but their prices are about $100 more expensive! I figured they are buying the Kindle from Amazon and adding a big margin to the price - however, they do offer overnight shipping for the desperate. True to Amazon's word, my Kindle arrived on day 6 :) Many of my friends have asked me if all of the features of the Kindle are available in New Zealand, such as book downloading, reading PDFs, and Internet access.  The answer is yes! Click here for information about the specific models, but rest assured, the Kindle you buy and have shipped to New Zealand comes fully functioning, and able to access the entire range of features our American friends get (apart from the minor feature of "blog subscriptions", and some eBooks and magazines which are limited in distribution to US and other areas). Don't forget to buy an New Zealand power adapter (handy, but optional, as the Kindle can be charged off your laptop or PC via USB cable.  You can get one at a discount if you buy an adapter at the same time you buy your Kindle). Another essential is a Kindle cover or case, which is essential to keep your precious Kindle safe from mishap.  The Kindle's screen does not produce any light of it's own (which is why it is so easily readable in full sunlight), and so you might want to go for a reading light, which clip on to the Kindle itself.  You can even get a nifty case that has a reading light built into it! After I got my Kindle, I went back to Amazon and was utterly amazed at the massive range of accessories they have for the Kindle! Click here to learn about the individual Kindle models available in New Zealand.

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